Politicians Are Poody Heads

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The Base

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He’s Free At Last

Of course, Sean didn’t have to take the job in the first place. He should have known better.

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Russian Medal of Honor

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Hang Him Out to Dry

I never could stand Jeff Sessions, but the one thing that he did that was ethical and that he should have done,legally, and did do, is the thing that Donald Trump is having conniption fits over.
Trump seems to think that the Attorney General is his own personal lawyer, there to do his own bidding, rather than the AG being the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer for the United States of America.
Everything revolves around Donald and his wants. He has never read or understood the US Constitution, and if he has, he doesn’t think it applies to him.

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Yeh, This Probably Would Happen

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

He might even have a higher approval rating than this if convicted.
Let’s face it, too many people are idiots.

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Made in America? Not.

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Some Dare Call It Treason. It Depends.


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Get Ann Her Broomstick

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Yes, It’s a Quandary


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Help Wanted

Trump cabinet openings, no experience necessary, some experience deceiving others helpful! Must be millionaire, no morals and fan of Fox news

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