Politicians Are Poody Heads

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Gun Deaths


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Just not good enough for some people…


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Getting Ready to Hurl


Got that right. I’m ready to hurl, too. 😟

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Want some syrup to go with those waffles?


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It’s the Great Pumpkin!


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Gonna need a bigger kettle…

Go Comics

Go Comics

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It’s not the only one…

Go Comics

Go Comics

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It’s Cruel, But It’s True


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And that’s a good thing…


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Serious student privacy concerns with new Summit/Facebook platform

This is totally unacceptable.
But this is, sadly, what the Education Industry wants to implement eventually in all schools. Public, charter, or home schools.
Data mining of the children. Not to mention providing more and more money for the data miners, as well as the Big Ed corporations who get money out of shilling their programs, tests, textbooks, etc.
Our children are being targeted to make more money for all of them.
This has nothing to do with “improving education.” This has everything to do with making money for the gazillionaires, as well as producing good little citizens who will work for whatever the corporations deign to give them.
Wouldn’t it be great if Gates, Laurene Powell Jobs, and all the rest of the billionaires would spend their millions on doing something about poverty in this country?
Well, I can dream, can’t I? {{Sigh}}

Seattle Education

Summit%20Basecamp%20Logo.jpgSummit charter schools  opened a location in Seattle last year. The school calls what they do “blended” or “personalized” learning which means placing a student in front of a computer during most, if not all, of their learning time.

As of now, Summit has opted in Washington State to offer its services to homeschool students rather than be under the charter school umbrella. Charter schools have been legally challenged once again and a lawsuit is pending review by the court.

Summit charter schools has developed a platform with Facebook. The program is titled Summit Basecamp. Leonie Haimson and other parents have formed the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy and recently published an article on the issue of student privacy and the use of this platform.

From the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy:

Serious privacy concerns with new Summit/Facebook platform, used in 100 schools across the nation

Our concerns about the open-ended data sharing of…

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