Politicians Are Poody Heads

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GoldiDon and the Bear

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Don’t Tread on Me, But Let Me Tread All Over You: The Credo of Personal Freedom and Limitless Greed

I have a neighbor who flies both the “Don’t tread on me” and the “Join or die” flags. We avoid them like the plague.
The thing that continues to flummox me is that these people keep voting against their own self-interests.
Their racism and their fear that if anyone (read: anyone of color) advances, it must lead to their own loss, causes them to, well, you know- vote for demagogues like Trump.



Every neighborhood has one.

A yellow flag showing a coiled spring of a snake above the motto, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

In my usually well-manicured suburb, you’ll find it waving bravely over the garbage house.

There’s three broken down RVs sitting on the lawn, a busted sofa in the back yard, a rotten picnic bench and several rusted out vehicles in various states of disrepair.

I’m not sure why the owners think anyone would want to tread on them. We’d much rather walk quickly on by without being seen or commented on.

Because in my experience that’s the thing about most of the people who fly this flag.

They’re indignant about anyone stepping on their rights but all too ready to step all over yours.

I remember it wasn’t really too long ago that this flag had no such connotations.

It was simply the Gadsen flag, a relic…

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Jim Jordan Jiving Us

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If Jesus Showed Up Today

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Some Good News for a Change

Bruce Plante Cartoon: The Thailand Cave, Wild Boars Thai soccer team, boys in cave, Thailand Navy SEALS, cave rescue, SCUBA, Plante 20180711

And may the Thai Navy Seal who died Rest In Peace.

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Ask Not

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Don’t Come Out, Kid!

editorial cartoon

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Trump Aides Hounded Wherever They Go in D.C.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Now is a time when civility is needed more than ever, to keep our society from falling into hostile and warring camps.

It is easy to call for civility but the lead should come from the President, and he is a model of incivility.

Donald Trump is the rudest, crudest, most publicly vicious person in memory to sit in the White Gouse. His trademark is insulting others, alive or dead, Democrat or Republican. He regularly insults John McCain, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and anyone else he chooses. In Montana a few days ago, he ridiculed George H.W. Bush’s call for volunteering and community service:

“Trump said people get the meaning of his slogans, “Make America Great Again” and “Putting America First.” Then he added: “Thousand Points of Light. I never quite got that one. What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out?””

No, he can’t ever…

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The Party of……

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The Boys of Summer

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