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Once Again, What’s the Matter With Kansas?


8-year-old Dakota Nafzinger reportedly hit someone with his cane on the school bus.
North Kansas City School District Spokeswoman Michelle Cronk confirmed taking away Dakota’s cane, calling it school property that was given to him when he enrolled. They said they took it away after he reportedly hit someone with it and wanted to prevent him from hurting himself or others.
This is clearly a terrible idea for a punishment. But just in case you thought the punishment was not outrageous enough, the school has given Dakota a pool noodle as a replacement for the next two weeks. Dakota Nafzinger has Bilateral Anopthalmia, meaning he was born without eyes. Yay! You’re showing him!
Dakota’s mother said he was written up for misbehaving on the bus, but she said she doesn’t understand why his punishment was to take away the thing he needs the most.

On Tuesday Dakota attended his sister’s concert with nothing but a pool noodle to guide him around.

“Can’t feel things,” he said.


The school did eventually apologize and gave Dakota his cane back. I guess they realized that the “optics” of this punishment were bad for their image.

Not to mention it’s a direct violation of at least two federal laws: Public Law 94-142 (the Education for All Handicapped Children Act) as well as the Americans With Disabilities Act.

This is what comes of the un-thinking “zero tolerance” policies in today’s schools. Dakota is just lucky that the school didn’t call the police in to have him arrested for possession of a “dangerous weapon.” :-(


I do not like green ham…


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So…is this supposed to be the Taliban or the Tea Party?


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Gift Guide


…..for torture apologists.

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This would be funny if it weren’t actually true…


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The Justice Sytem Works!


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Ah, the good ole days…



It’s Way Past Time


An African-American boy, George Stinney Jr., who was executed at age 14 in the killing of two young white girls has been exonerated in South Carolina, 70 years after he became the youngest person executed in the U.S. in the 1900s. A judge ruled he was denied due process.

“I think it’s long overdue,” Stinney’s sister, Katherine Stinney Robinson, 80, tells local newspaper The Manning Times. “I’m just thrilled because it’s overdue.”

In her ruling, Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen wrote that she found that “fundamental, Constitutional violations of due process exist in the 1944 prosecution of George Stinney, Jr., and hereby vacates the judgment.”

The case was brought by Stinney Robinson and two of her surviving siblings.

“It took less than a day for a jury to convict George Stinney Jr. and send him to the electric chair,” NPR’S Hansi Lo Wang reports. “He was convicted of the deaths of 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and 7-year-old Mary Emma Thames in deeply segregated Alcolu, S.C.”

Matt Burgess, an attorney for the Stinney family, tells Hansi, “There were no African-American people in that courthouse. It was a jury of 12 white men. Everyone in that courthouse was white.”

Stinney’s family has maintained he was innocent, insisting that he was too small to carry out such a crime and too naive to handle the pressure put on him by law enforcement officials.


Way, way past time for this horrible, racist miscarriage of justice to be rectified.

Not that it does poor George Stinney Jr. any good, but it may provide a measure of closure to his family members.

And it would be nice if it causes at least a few people in South Carolina to reflect upon their state’s racist past and treatment of African-Americans. Although I’m not holding my breath on that one.


Grandma Deserved It


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Ameri-ban cultural influence…

Taliban Behavior

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Let’s give it another half century…



Bush Reflux


And now, with his son running for president, no doubt we will be hearing even more from him. :-(

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Beating the Bushes for a Presidential contender…



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And Now For Something Completely Different


POCATELLO — Police fatally shot a 1,000-pound cow Friday afternoon that had led them on a lengthy chase through the city’s north side.
The heifer eventually died after being shot by a Pocatello police officer in the backyard of a residence at Henderson and Jessie Clark lanes around 1:30 p.m.

Police had shot the animal earlier in the pursuit but the wounded cow kept running.

Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand said the two shots his officers took at the cow were fired because of the safety risk the animal posed.

During the pursuit, the cow rammed a Pocatello animal control truck and two police cars in residential neighborhoods.

The heifer also nearly caused motor vehicle accidents on Hawthorne Road and had run through a playground. Police felt like the animal might trample someone as it charged through the residential neighborhoods on the city’s north side.
The cow had jumped a six-foot fence at a meat processor to escape.


Two days later, four more cows escaped from the same processor, although not because they jumped the fence.

The first escape is more impressive. A six-foot fence is quite a high one for a half-ton cow to jump over.
Angus cattle are well-known as jumpers, but this cow does not look like an Angus, at least, not a pure-bred one.

And for those who think that cows are slow, lumbering creatures who can’t run very fast or far, let me assure you that yes, yes they can run pretty fast and far when they want to.


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