Politicians Are Poody Heads

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The Traveler


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Teed off?


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What harm could it do?


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Look For the Union Label

Too bad unions aren’t what they used to be.

Reagan breaking the Air Traffic Controllers’ Union may have been the beginning,  although I think unions were weakening even before that.

Union busting, union weakening, and manufacturing jobs going overseas for cheaper, more exploitable labor.

Yeh, Happy Labor Day.  Or something.     :-(

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Happy holidays…for some…


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Well, almost everyone…


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Amazing Performance

No particular reason for posting this, except that I thought that the girl was very talented, and it made me happy while watching this.



Sunday brunch…


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Militarized Mayberry


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Breaking Bad. Or Worse.


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Something else to think about…


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Texas National Guard


AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) – Some of the Texas National Guard troops dispatched to the Texas-Mexico border have been relying on charities and food banks for their meals due to the way the state is paying the troops, a state representative said on Friday.

“Essentially, the Guard is directing these soldiers to temporarily finance their own deployment,” said Rene Oliveira, a Democratic state representative from the border city of Brownsville.

Oliveira said soldiers are expected to buy their meals while deployed, then submit receipts to the Guard for reimbursement. Since many were deployed rather suddenly, some have run out of the little money they took with them and are relying on food handouts while waiting for their first reimbursement from the state.


Well, sure, Rick Perry.  Decide that the answer to the “border crisis” is to deploy Texas National Guard troops.  And then make sure that they are not compensated right off the bat.  Make them wait.

Sounds like a plan.  /snark.

While the Governor sits on his ass in the Governor’s Mansion (of course, being fully compensated and well fed), why should he worry about the troops he sent to the border.



Warning! This is Very Upsetting.

This young man is now in a safe place, staying with friends.  Thank goodness he is out of that situation, but I cannot even wrap my mind around parents who would treat their kid that way.

Pardon the language here, but fuck the ignorant, fundamentalist Christians or other religious fundamentalists (yes, including the Muslim and Jewish, etc religious whack-jobs), and all the right-wing extremists who refuse to move out of their restricted, blind bubbles.  Fuck them all.   :-(


And don’t forget video games…


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