Politicians Are Poody Heads

and they're not the only ones…

Hey, maybe it’ll work for viruses — it certainly isn’t working for terrorists…


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Same song, same verse…


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If SCOTUS has the answer, somebody’s asking the wrong questions…


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Genetically Engineered Soy in Infant Formula


PORTLAND, OR – Just as Oregonians are voting on whether to label genetically engineered foods, Center for Food Safety (CFS) announced today that genetic testing has confirmed the presence of soy that has been genetically engineered by Monsanto for heavy pesticide exposure in infant formula that is being sold in Portland, Oregon. The testing was coordinated between CFS and Dr. Ray Seidler, the first EPA scientist to study genetically engineered crops (now retired) and former professor at Oregon State University.  With recent published studies confirming that genetically engineered soy has significantly higher levels of chemical herbicides than conventionally grown soy, the test findings raise concerns about increasing infant exposure to chemical herbicides. The testing follows up on a recent nationwide study by Consumer Reports finding genetically engineered ingredients in more than 80 common food products.

“I think most moms purchasing infant formula have no idea they are feeding their baby a product that has been genetically engineered to survive exposure to high levels of chemical pesticides,” says Aurora Paulsen with Center for Food Safety’s Portland office. “It’s no surprise that Monsanto is the top donor opposing Measure 92 which would give Oregonians the ability to know what foods have been genetically engineered. The presence of these products in infant formula being sold in Oregon really highlights the need for basic labeling.”

Dr. Ray Seidler agrees. “Everything we know from the recent medical literature suggests we should be doing everything possible to reduce infant exposure to chemicals.  Finding soy in infant formula that has been genetically engineered specifically to survive high levels of chemical pesticide spraying is a real concern and takes us in the wrong direction.”

Common Dreams.

Well, just great.

Of course, Monsanto has been spending large sums of money to prevent any kind of labeling of genetically engineered food.  But on the other hand, they keep telling us that this GMO food is perfectly safe.

Well, if it’s supposed to be so damned safe, what in the ever-loving hell is wrong with labeling the products???  Own up to your products, Monsanto.  Let us have all the facts, and stop treating all of us, especially our very vulnerable infants, as unwilling and unknowing guinea pigs.


Another Handgun Accident, Another Child Shot


A 9-month-old Indiana boy was fighting for his life on Thursday after being accidentally shot in the head by his father. WTHR reported that 31-year-old John Hambaugh, III, was in his kitchen cleaning his gun on Wednesday when the weapon discharged. The round traveled through Hambaugh’s left thigh and into his 9-month-old son’s head, who was thought to be standing next to his father. Neighbor Dawn Crecelius recalled that she felt helpless when the child’s mother ran out of the home with the boy. “She was screaming, ‘He shot my baby! He shot my baby!’ and she was cradling the baby,” Crecelius said. “What do you do? What do you do? Cause there’s– you can’t fix that. You can’t help that. If he’s choking, you can help that. If he’s cut, you can help that. You can’t help a baby that’s been shot in the head.” Hambaugh and his 9-month-old son were transported to Community Howard Regional Hospital in Kokomo. Hambaugh was expected to make a full recovery, but the child was listed in critical condition on Thursday.

RawStory. {{Sigh}}  I hope that all the NRA absolutists are happy.  Because I’m sure not. And I sincerely hope that poor baby recovers fully. Even if he does, I kind of wonder about the state of the marriage.  I can’t believe that Mom is going to be terribly happy with Dad.  Lives ruined.  Too many guns.  Too many idiots.  A lethal combination. If you simply must have a gun, rule number one is, make sure the damned gun is unloaded before you clean it, idiot. Gun Control Now!


Ebola Madness



Funny, I thought it WAS…


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You forgot Benghazi…


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You call that an excuse?


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If only it were that easy…


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The “New” Confederacy?




A conservative columnist and former aide to President Ronald Reagan called on southern states to secede and form an ultraconservative new nation named after his old boss.

Douglas MacKinnon, a former speechwriter for Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, appeared Tuesday on The Janet Mefford Show to promote his new book, “The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country … Now,” reported Right Wing Watch.

He told the religious conservative host that southern states – starting with Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina – should leave the United States so they can implement a right-wing Christian system of government.

MacKinnon envisions other states joining, but he hopes to leave out Texas because “there have been a number of incursions into Texas and other places from some of the folks in Mexico.”


Fine.  Secede, idiot.  Meanwhile, the US government can remove all the military bases and federal installations from your secessionist states.  Not to mention absolutely all federal dollars whatsoever for highways, other infrastructure, and everything else.  These Red States get back more in federal dollars than they pay in taxes, anyway.  Go your own way.  We won’t miss you.  And take a few other states with you.

Our borders will be closed to your citizens.  Although I would say that any citizen in your “new country” who does not agree with your right-wing Christo-nazi agenda should receive aid to move here.











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I guess you can’t please everyone…


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Ebola Travel Ban


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Wisconsin cheddar sharper than their voters…

stupid-voteMomma Bear left Wisconsin over 30 years ago to be with Daddy Bear in Texas, but still thinks of herself as being a Wisconsinite (Wisconsonian?).  So when I told her about RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day saying that Wisconsin voters are stupid, I thought I’d get a rise out of her.

Instead, she thought a minute, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well they did elect Scott Walker, then fail to oust him on a recall, so Ms. Day might not be all that wrong.”

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