Politicians Are Poody Heads

and they're not the only ones…

Testing: one, two, three…


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Attempted Cosby



Four steps to safe playing…


(Pst! Step 4 is the only one that really matters…)

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The Chief of Compromise…


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Another Idiot With a Gun


Police in Pinellas Park said that a Florida man accidentally shot himself in the face, and then died on Tuesday while he was threatening his wife and dog with a gun.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 57-year-old Dennis Eugene Emery was arguing with his wife in their home at around 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Pinellas Park police said that Emery had pointed a gun at the dog during the argument, and had pulled back the hammer to emphasize his seriousness.

But Emery made the mistake of pointing the gun at himself while trying to release the hammer, and a bullet discharged into his face.


I don’t want sound callous here, but at least he killed himself, and not his wife or his dog. Think of it as evolution in action.

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Thanksgiving Tirade


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There’s “mob rule” in Ferguson — but the mob is the police…

reporter-arrestThe Ferguson, Mo. police have been instructed by the court to cease using “blocking traffic” as an excuse for arresting protestors.  However, they ignored the court order and singled out the Journalist Trey Yingst to put in jail for that very reason.  They weren’t even particularly subtle about it, since he wasn’t in the road, but on the sidewalk at the time, according to witnesses.

Ignoring court decisions is really nothing new, but it does underline how fragile our system of laws can be.  For example, when the Supreme Court insisted that the Indian Removal Act was unconstitutional, Worcester v. Georgia (1832),  Andrew Jackson is supposed to have replied, “Show me your army.”  He may not have actually said that, but his attitude was perfectly clear since he moved the Indian Nations down the Trail of Tears anyway.  Since public sentiment was on his side, he didn’t care what SCOTUS had to say on the matter.  And then there’s the United States Senate.  The Senate members regularly defy both tradition and law, but suffer no consequences.  They can do this because they answer only to the Senate’s  Sergeant of Arms, an impotent and ceremonial post that, short of pulling a gun on a Senator, has no real power to imprison anyone — although they supposedly have a jail in the Senate for that purpose.

It’s past time for us to realize how easily we can lose our so-called “Democracy” if we let select groups of people ignore the law of the land.  You know, like how the FBI, CIA, IRS, and NSA ignore the laws concerning using the power of the government to investigate people based on their political affiliations.  Or the way State officials use the power of their office to push through laws that clearly defy the will of the people.  Or how the police in Ferguson decide that court orders don’t matter because there’s not a damn thing that the court can do to enforce them.

Generally when we hear the phrase “mob rule” we think about the citizenry revolting and ignoring the laws set down by their government.  However, it can also apply when any group of people decide to take power into their own hands and ignore the wishes of the citizenry.  Although these days, I guess you could simply call that “our government”…

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It’s the Democrats’ fault…





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Vatican names a new top prosecutor of abusive priests…


Pope Francis has appointed American Jesuit Rev. Robert J. Geisinger as the Vatican’s “promoter of justice’’.  Why is this news?  Because one of the primary duties of the promoter of justice is to prosecute priests accused to molesting children.  Rev. Geisinger is well-known for speaking out on this subject.  According to the Pope, that’s one of the reasons he got this job.  Unfortunately, Geisinger was also one of the highest-ranking officials among the Chicago Jesuits in the 1990s when leaders were facing multiple abuse complaints against the Rev. Donald J. McGuire.  McGuire was shielded by those same officials until the law caught up with him.  Church records show Geisinger had detailed knowledge of the complaints against McGuire and advised officials in Chicago on how to discipline McGuire as late as August 2002.

McGuire was finally convicted in 2006 by a Wisconsin jury of molesting two boys who had notified civil authorities. He was also convicted on federal charges in 2008 and is serving a 25-year-prison sentence.

So  this is the best person that Pope Francis could find for that position?  I can understand giving a fellow Jesuit a “leg up” on his career and all that, but really!  Doesn’t the Pope know about Caesar’s wife?

I guess none of that matters.  The “good old boy” network still extends all the way to the Vatican, it appears…

Source: The Boston Globe


There Are a Few Good Cops


And this guy appears to be one of them.

Comparing the police department he inherited to the New York mafia, a California police chief has called in the FBI to investigate corruption by both police officers and city officials, reports News 7 San Diego.

In a tearful press conference, a frustrated Calexico Police Chief Mike Bostic accused his predecessor, some members of his own department, and city officials of illegally trying to undermine a criminal investigation.

“The council-members in conjunction with the police officers association and members of that association have used city funds and city resources to run what I would call an extortion racket,” Bostic said.

“I’ve literally had it,” Bostic said as he began to tear up as he explained that he felt compelled to bring in the FBI to handle the investigation two weeks into his tenure.

“I am so grateful that the FBI is coming. And the reason they are coming is to support me, and the really good officers of this department who have been put under this cloud by a few, ” he said. “So this was literally the most disappointing day in all my years of policing, because I’m the chief. This is my city. This is my community, these are my officers, so how can you be anything but depressed.”

Bostic, a 34-year law enforcement veteran, was hired last month to replace former Police Chief Pompeyo Tabarez who was fired Oct. 13 “in the interests of the citizens.”


We need more police officers like this. Best of luck, Chief Bostic. And watch your back.

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Exectutive decision…


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It’s Uberific!


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Tar Sands Timmy…


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Unfortunately, there are no virgins left…


…by the time they get into Congress…

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