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Bloomberg Will Not Run for President, Blasts Trump

Well, at least one very rich New York City egotist finally found a bit of his brain. And I won’t even publicly speculate exactly where he found that bit of his brain. 😉

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Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided that he will not enter the Presidential race, for fear of tipping the election to Donald Trump.

Bloomberg had laid the groundwork for a billion-dollar campaign, self-funded, according to the New York Times. A Bloomberg campaign video is included in the story. He had done extensive polling, hired a staff, had selected a likely running mate, and had offices ready to go in different states.

In a forceful condemnation of his fellow New Yorker, Mr. Bloomberg said Mr. Trump has run “the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears.” He said he was alarmed by Mr. Trump’s threats to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the country and to initiate trade wars against China and Japan, and he was disturbed by Mr. Trump’s “feigning ignorance of David Duke,” the white supremacist leader whose support Mr…

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Yeah, right…


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Ignoring the obvious…

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made the news lately because he’s planning to flood the airways with anti-National Rifle Association/pro gun control ads.  Says he’s going to spend $12 million dollars.  For some reason he thinks that spending millions on advertisement will change the way politicians vote.  Is he really that stupid?  Does Bloomberg actually believe that politicians vote down gun control laws because they’re afraid those laws will be unpopular with the voters?  Get real.  According to several  major polls, voters are overwhelmingly in favor of some common sense rules about the sales of firearms.

Ah, you might say, but what about the conservative vote?  Well, it turns out that even Fox News admits that most people (including Republicans and gun owners) want stricter gun controls.

A large 85-percent majority of voters favors requiring checks on all gun buyers, including at gun shows and private sales.  That includes most Democrats (90 percent), Republicans (83 percent) and independents (82 percent), as well as most of those living in a gun-owner household (81 percent).  

But if such a huge percentage of voters want stricter laws, what does that leave?  The same thing it always leaves: money.  During the 2010 election cycle, the NRA spent more than $7.2 million on lobbying at the federal level.  That’s money in the pocket for politicians, given for the sole purpose of allowing the NRA to call the shots.  What do we have to weigh against that?  Only the will of the people who put those scumbags into office.  And money will win out every time.  You don’t think politicians can live on that paltry three-figure salary WE give them, do you?  Even when it’s obvious that they’re selling us down the river, politicians can’t help themselves.  Plus they know that they’ll keep their jobs because the average voter is always going to ignore the obvious.

Of course, if Bloomberg were to offer that money directly to the politicians, things might be very different indeed.  He’s a politician, so he must know that.  Which leaves me wondering, if Bloomberg really wants more sane gun control laws, then why is he throwing that money away?  Then again, maybe the answer is obvious…

Sources:  Fox News, Huffington Post, New York Daily Post, Policymic, WND

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