Politicians Are Poody Heads

and they're not the only ones…

Oh, Canada!

on January 6, 2017


Good for them!


8 responses to “Oh, Canada!

  1. swo8 says:

    Thank you so much.
    BTW in our tax system we have a $300.00 – $ 600.00 charge for health care per annum depending upon your income. Those who make below $20,000. don’t pay anything. We are also about to lose a lot of our middle class too. Jobs are scarce and we do have a TFWP ( temporary foreign worker program) that is a kin to slave labour. We have had a number of exposee documentaries to bring this issue out in the open.

    • Zorba says:

      Leslie, $300-600/year still sounds pretty good. Many people in the US pay that or more per month, and then still have deductibles and co-pays and stuff that isn’t covered to pay or out of pocket.
      I’m sorry about how bad the Canadian foreign worker program is. Although, with a lot of our undocumented immigrants who are hired “under the table,” they are often abused or not paid, and they can’t go to the authorities to report it because they will be deported. šŸ˜¦

      • swo8 says:

        I agree that our health care system isn’t too bad. It covers most medical catastrophes as well as basic care. There are some electives that won’t be covered. You have a choice in what doctor you want to see and it is in a timely manner.

        • Zorba says:

          There are some electives that won’t be covered here, either, depending upon your insurance company. And if you want to see a doctor outside of your insurance company’s network for any procedure, you get to pay the extra price (often substantial) over what your insurance does not cover.

          • swo8 says:

            There are no restrictions on who we go to see. We do need a referral to see a specialist.

            • Zorba says:

              Depending upon our insurance plan, we often do, too. And if the specialist is not “in network,” as I said, you’re on the hook for the extra cost that the insurance doesn’t cover.
              It’s really kind of a mess here, mainly because “health care” is dependent upon people buying health insurance from mostly for-profit companies. There are some non-profit health plans, but many of those are health maintenance organizations, and you are restricted to seeing only their doctors.

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