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Putting Peace Last

on November 28, 2016
Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon


2 responses to “Putting Peace Last

  1. swo8 says:

    If everyone just stayed home and put their country first then maybe there wouldn’t be so many wars.

    • Zorba says:

      While that is true to a certain extent, Leslie, sooner or later, many countries will decide that they cannot put their own country “first” because they see Country X or Country Y as a direct threat to them, and will feel obligated to “do something” about that ” threatening” country. If you see Country X or Y as a threat, then that country becomes an enemy and must be “taken care of.” Not that I approve of or agree with this, but that is the way of human nature, bound up in our evolution and our DNA. In a whole lot of ways, we are still naked plains apes.
      The other thought I have is that, there are so many countries who cannot take care of their own people, and I believe that it is incumbent upon the wealthier countries to give them a helping hand. If we don’t, not only will people in those countries die from lack of food, diseases, medical care, etc., which is abhorrent to me when we can help them out, that also leads to instability in such countries, which can spread and impact surrounding countries, and then can keep on spreading.
      We are citizens of the world, and should learn to help each other out. That does not in any way mean that we should be sending troops all over the world- I’m talking about sending food aid, medical aid, experts to help them rebuild their countries, and things like that.

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