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If you visit New York City

on August 24, 2016


And you want to use a ride-sharing service, use Juno, not Uber or Lyft.

Uber and Lyft are fighting, on the same side, to make sure their drivers remain independent contractors — not employees entitled to benefits. So far, no court has compelled these ride-hailing companies to change that. But out in the free market, they’re facing an unexpected battle: a new startup that’s prepared to offer drivers full employee status.


He has a starkly critical take for a man who works out of a glass skyscraper. “The sharing economy left unchecked is a sure way to slowly squeeze the little guy,” he says. “And I don’t claim to be a great socialist. I’m really not. But it’s a great way to take the bottom tier of the middle class and push it lower.”

Consider the ride-hailing industry. A couple of years back, Marco saw some news reports that drivers may be somewhat unhappy. He decided to get into cars, hold focus groups, to assess the situation himself. What he found, he says, is that the media massively understated worker discontent.

It’s hard to take his word for it. To many passengers, drivers look quite happy. They smile, they chat and offer phone chargers and candy.

Marco says that while drivers have to do that to receive a five-star rating, on the inside, “they really hate ride-sharing companies, [which] have been abusing them. They’re treating them like a commodity.”

A commodity: a resource that’s easy to find and to replace, like wheat.

For instance, consider the choice of words: When Uber lets a driver go, the company calls it “deactivation.”

“These are people — these are not machines,” Marco says. “You do not deactivate people — you deactivate machines. When you say that you deactivate a person, I think that speaks volumes of the way that you actually think of these people.”


We shall see if this works out, but in the meantime, let’s give Juno a chance to succeed and make good on its word. Drivers should be treated like humans, not machines.


One response to “If you visit New York City

  1. PiedType says:

    Not just drivers. Humans should be treated like humans, not machines.

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