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The Man Who Poisoned Children in Flint Criticizes Teachers’ “Sick-Out”

on January 12, 2016

Earley should certainly know about what actually “hurts children,” instead of this hyperbole, since he poisoned the children of Flint, Michigan when he switched Flint to unsafe water.
What is he now doing to make Detroit’s school buildings cleaner and safer for children? After all, he’s supposed to be the Detroit public schools’ “emergency manager.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Darnell Earley, emergency manager of the Detroit public schools, complained about teachers’ sick-out to protest abominable conditions in the schools. Earley said teachers were hurting children. Earley was previously the emergency manager of Flint, where he shut off safe water to save money and poisoned children.

Who should parents trust? Their children’s teachers or Earley?

Who has the best interests of Detroit’s children at heart?

Would children in Detroit’s tony suburbs be subjected to the same overcrowded classes and rat-infested buildings?

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2 responses to “The Man Who Poisoned Children in Flint Criticizes Teachers’ “Sick-Out”

  1. Naja pallida says:

    Michigan is a prime example of Republican governance at work. And the same sort of rank incompetence is playing out in Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky… yet, half the electorate has absolutely no problem with it. They get angry at “government”, and blame the people who want to actually make government work, by electing the people who have no interest in making it work. Punishing us all.

    • Zorba says:

      Yes, exactly.
      And they have no frigging idea of what the government does that benefits them.
      Are they old enough to be on Social Security and Medicare? Do they even realize that the Republicans (and some, unfortunately, Democrats) want to privatize them, leaving them to the mercies of “the Market” and the banksters?
      Do they realize what would happen if the kids now are poorly educated and cannot get decent jobs? Paying their taxes, paying into Medicare and SS so that current seniors can continue to have this? And oh, by the way, do they really want these poorly-educated kids to grow up and be their nurses and doctors, and for that matter, their electricians, plumbers, their accountants, the people who repair their roads and infrastructure, and on and on and on?
      I am developing a headache. It may be time for a drink. 😦

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