Politicians Are Poody Heads

and they're not the only ones…


on October 18, 2012

First off, all politicians are slime.  But the GOP have made it into an art form.  It used to make me angry that Republican politicians were so blatantly hypocritical. Everywhere you look, from their “family values” stances while they hide their philandering, to claiming that “everyone does it” when they don’t, to labeling their own actions as the actions of their opponents, you’ll find it.  It’s as if hypocrisy is the largest single plank in their party platform.

For example, when people started asking questions about the events leading up to 9/11/2001, Republicans insisted that anyone who dared question the president during a time of war was committing treason.  Then GOP masterminds decided that their talking points should include blaming President Obama for not having provided proper security for the destroyed consulate building in Lybia…after the Republicans voted to cut millions from the funds that pay for consulate security.  I mean, that has so many levels of hypocrisy that it makes my head swim.

But that no longer makes me angry — well, not too much.  I simply see any politician that behaves in such a manner to be a self-serving bit of slime that would have to evolve for millions of years to reach the level of a slug.  All they’re doing is trying to keep a cushy position (that’s made them rich) by smearing “the other guy” instead of by actually doing their job.

What has replaced my anger at those politicians is a sadness for the people who listen to them and believe everything they say.  How can anyone look at the facts and not say “What the heck are they thinking?”

Sources: Slate Magazine


2 responses to “Sigh…

  1. Zorba says:

    They lie- that’s what they do. You will remember, I’m sure, how the Republican slime-machine denigrated and lied about John Kerry’s military service. Not to mention what they did to Max Cleland. They are disgusting, hypocritical liars. Shame on them, and shame on those voters who are deluded enough to believe and vote for them. 😦

  2. zorbear says:

    While I don’t excuse the politicians, their enablers (the voters) make my teeth hurt from grinding them so much…Grrrrrr…

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