Politicians Are Poody Heads

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The great and powerful Oz…

on August 16, 2012

Okay, I get how the POTUS now has the power to kill anyone, anytime without trial, warrant, or justification.  But this, really, is going too far.  Because Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) embarrassed America, and therefore its leader, we want him really, really, badly.  So much so that we’ve told Britain to hand him over.  But Assange has holed up in an Ecuadorean embassy in London where they’ve granted him political asylum. And Britain is so scared/enamored of us that they’re pissing all over themselves to do it.  In fact, they’re going to revoke Ecuador’s diplomatic status just so they can give him to us.

Britain has said it could use a little-known piece of legislation from 1987, introduced in the wake of the shooting of a British police officer outside the Libyan embassy in London, to strip Ecuador’s embassy of its diplomatic status.  The Ecuadorean government has bristled at the warning: its foreign minister said Britain was threatening Ecuador with a “hostile and intolerable act”, comparing the action to Iran’s storming of Britain’s Tehran embassy 2011.

“I’ve lived, worked and travelled in places with proper dictatorships and nowhere have I seen violations of the Vienna convention to this extent,” said Farhan Rasheed, 42, a historian wearing an “I love Occupy” badge, outside the embassy.  “Here we have a government which claims to be a government of law and justice, stretching and possibly about to break a serious binding international agreement.”

Britain’s threat to withdraw diplomatic status from the Ecuadorean embassy also drew criticism from one of its own former diplomats who said it could lead to similar moves against British embassies.

Why is this a big deal?  Remember how everyone shit themselves when the government revoked habeas corpus?  How they said it was the end of civilization?  Well, that was nothing compared to this.  The embassy system (where a foreign country is given a small piece of land that is “theirs” to do with as they wish so that two countries can safely carry on negotiations, trade, etc.) is truly the very basis of civilization.  Without it no, and I mean no, country can interact with another with any trust whatsoever.  You think we don’t trust each other publicly?  You’re right.  But privately we do — as long as we have an embassy system that works.  Start revoking embassies at will and the entire house of cards falls down.

This is how international Armageddon begins.  And it’s all because the great and powerful POTUS was embarrassed…

Source: Reuters


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