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Guess who owns your DNA?

on July 31, 2012

Under a little-known act called The Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 (S1858), GW Shrub signed into national law something that had been going on behind the scenes for half a century.  It started in the 1960s at the state level.

For almost 50 years, the law has required hospitals to take drops of blood from newborn babies, dry them on cards and screen them for genetic diseases that can kill or permanently disable their victims. These tests identify thousands of affected babies each year. Because of early recognition of their diseases, many can expect to live normal or near-normal lives.

The number of tests performed has increased as scientific knowledge has grown.  Depending on the state, babies are now tested for between 28 and 54 different conditions.  And you’ll never know about it unless one of the tests comes up positive.  Then you’ll probably be glad to have that information.  But S1858 changed the game.  It gives the federal government direct ownership of that blood, and allows the government to do any sort of storage, testing, experimentation, or selling of the material that it desires.

I don’t know about you, but even though I can see the “good” that can come out of this, it still feels creepy to me.  Although there are procedures in place that allow you to circumvent the State’s long-term storage of your blood, that doesn’t seem to be true at the federal level. And I’m getting pretty fed up with the government’s taking away all of our private information and storing it.  Even if the current people in power don’t have any weird or crazy plans to use all that stuff against the population, that doesn’t mean someone else down the road won’t do it.

I guess I’m just a silly paranoid, but, as the saying goes, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not out to get us.  And I, for one, would prefer they had a little bit less ammunition when they decide to change their priorities…

Sources: CNN , Durango Herald, Infowars, New Scientist, S1858, Texas Tribune


2 responses to “Guess who owns your DNA?

  1. Zorba says:

    And as if that’s not bad enough, consider that biotech companies have been receiving patents on certain human genes(patents on things that are part of us all!) and that the police in many jurisdictions have taken the DNA of people arrested, but not convicted of any crimes. Are they destroying this DNA if the arrested person is not convicted of anything? Hollow laugh here- that has not been decided yet by the Supreme Court. And why should they be taking the DNA of all arestees, unless they have a strong suspicion that they have commited a crime likely to have left their DNA behind, such as rape? Just be prepared for all of our genetic information to eventually wind up in some FBI database.
    And while they’re at it, why don’t they just implant a microchip in us all when we are born, containing our DNA, retina scan, and fingerprints? And require us all to carry a national ID with such information, as well? Okay, maybe I’m getting into tin-foil hat territory here, but I would not be surprised at any of this.

  2. Can you imagine the raucous uproar if it was Obama who signed this into law rather than GW?

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