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Taser abuse

on June 9, 2012


Apparently, the first response of police in many cities is to taser someone.  Including an eight-month pregnant woman.  Do I condone her actions, parking in a handicapped space and ripping up the ticket?  No.  But using a taser on an obviously pregnant woman????  Really, Chicago PD?  Really?

Thirty-year-old Tiffany Rent  said she parked temporarily in a handicap spot, and angrily tore up the ticket police served her before she was tased.  Then, Rent says, an officer told her “to go get Jesse Jackson.” CBS Chicago says the Chicago PD and Independent Police Review Authority are investigating ‘the incident.’


Be wary, and be afraid.  Be very afraid.  It seems that we are not allowed to even look cross-wise at a cop, for fear of being tasered.  In so very, very many ways, welcome to the Police State of America.  We need to severely limit the use of tasers by the police.


6 responses to “Taser abuse

  1. Naja pallida says:

    Tasers and pepper spray have just become short cuts for the lazy and poorly trained law enforcement officers. It certainly is easier to just disable someone than actually deal with them appropriately.

  2. Zorba says:

    Very, very true, Naja. And isn’t that a shame. Not just a “shame,” but abominable. This country thinks its okay to taser and pepper-spray people, including children, and people who are exercising their free-speech rights, but we also think that it’s just fine to send drones to attack our so-called “enemies” overseas, no matter how many innocent civilians are killed. We think it’s okay to assassinate American citizens without due process. We think it’s okay to keep people in Guantanamo, also without due process.
    America, I hardly knew you. 😦

  3. helenrainier says:

    What’s even worse about this case is that TPTB said it was not obvious that woman was pregnant. She’s 8 months along for god’s sake. I’ve read stories where officers have tased an elder who was confined to bed. Our military troops are forbidden to use pepper spray in combat. Yet, our police can use them indiscriminately. Some thing is seriously out of kilter in America.

    • Zorba says:

      Too true, helenrainier, all too true. And they couldn’t tell she was pregnant??? What did they think, that she swallowed a bowling ball, or perhaps had a huge tumor growing?

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