Politicians Are Poody Heads

and they're not the only ones…

I love logic, part two…

on September 21, 2007

Public opinion seems inordinately swayed by the results of polls. Unfortunately, even the best polls are flawed, and most polls simply reflect the views of the person requesting the poll. All it takes is the right question to get the answer you want to hear. For example: Do you believe that convicted murderers should be allowed to go free on a technicality? Most of us would say no to that. But imagine this scenario: you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, and after sentencing, the real criminal is caught and confesses. DNA evidence supports their story. Should you be set free?

This is a real issue because a court case cannot be reviewed by an appellate court except for technical issues. Even if new evidence comes up, such as DNA or someone else admitting to the crime, the case can’t be appealed unless a technical fault can be found in the original trial. Yes, Virginia, in our country, innocence is a technicality.

So the next time you find yourself nodding in agreement to the latest poll numbers, remember: you’re listening to them because they’re telling you what you wanted to hear in the first place. Stop listening to only one side and stop taking other people’s word for stuff. Look up the facts; check it out yourself. At least ask yourself: how much can I trust these numbers to be accurate? THINK, for goodness sake.

Come on, folks – I’m only a little bear and even I know we can do better….


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